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Posted by on Oct 6, 2016 in Blog |

Made to Order Prefab Homes

Meet USModular Home Builders Custom Prefab Homes

USModular, Inc. has designed and built modular homes and apartments in California for many years. From the idea generation till its fruitful conclusion, The USModular Team is with you to create your dream home of any style, design, shape and size. Faster, Better, Greener and for Less, modular homes are built in a controlled factory environment in prefab modules,  then transported to their final destination for assembling and installation in the possible shortest period of time. Therefore you as a customer can now enjoy flexibility in choosing the location for your home.

Once installed, these homes stand for years on their solid foundations and can even withstand the hurricane. For the USModular, Inc. team it is of highest importance to work with our clients and tastes and with high professionalism, provide for you distinctive interior solutions that highlight your individuality.

The first milestone of creating your dream home is choosing your floor plan. Once you approve it, it is submitted to the local engineer for ensuring its compliance with local building codes. With the local engineer’s guidance, the USModular, Inc. engineering team does the calculations and produces the engineering report, based on which the Municipality provides the building permit. The cost calculation and pricing of each of these custom prefab homes are done after the engineering design and plan is signed by local engineer and approved by the Municipality.

The modular homes built by USModular, Inc. are tighter and more energy efficient than conventional site built homes. Saving money! Ensure your healthy living by protecting your well-being while living in the green modular homes built by USModular, Inc.


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